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Legal representation and assistance is particularly necessary in Spain when purchasing or selling property. The Conveyancing process in Spain involves different degrees of participation by various parties: the seller, their legal representative, the real estate agent, the accountant, a notary public, the registrar, utilities companies, the town hall of the municipality where the purchase is being made, banks, and in some cases the local courts, regional authorities and even the seller's neighbour (they may even have something to say).

The lawyer will ensure that all parties are appropriately co-ordinated and followed-up with and will perform an investigation to ensure that the property is purchased without any previous charge or liability that could incur additional costs or reduce the property’s value.

What the Property Purchase Representation Service includes

Our conveyancing service includes the following:
  1. Complete all necessary searches on the legal status of the property and the developer/vendor, informing the buyer/s of any issues discovered that may influence the decision or conditions of the purchase.

  2. Liaise and agree with vendor/s and/or lawyers in respect of terms and conditions of the purchase, ensuring compliance with current laws. In the event that the vendors are non-resident in Spain, a lawyer ensures that any amount paid prior to completion is lodged safely with a resident party, preferably the vendor's lawyer's account.

  3. Make preparations at the Notary Public for completion of the purchase or any further preparations required relating to the purchase such as preparation of powers of attorney for individuals abroad (duly legalised and translated) which give authority to a physical person/s to act on behalf of the buyers.

  4. Assist in the completion process and ensure title deeds are properly registered in the appropriate local Land Registry, and that the property(ies) is free from all charges and encumbrances, free from occupants and tenants, as well as payment of the relevant taxes associated with the purchase.

  5. Assist in locating, negotiating and obtaining a mortgage loan to finance the purchase of the property. The obtaining of the mortgage loan may be in the form of an approval in principle prior to the signing of the private purchase contract and is understood without prejudice to any other mortgage facility provided by the developer or the vendor.

  6. Obtain the NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros), or foreigners identification number. (More information about NIE Numbers)

Before you Start

You should provide us with the following:
  • Any documents you have pertaining to the purchase
  • Contact details of the vendor/agent/developer if known
  • Your full personal details

* With a minimum of €1,400.


I can gladly say that my experience with Lawbird is excellent by all means, from high quality professional legal advice to kind and friendly team who are more than capable and more than willing to answer any question or concern. Thanks to Lawbird I am the proud owner of two properties in spain and the process couldn't have been any smoother.

Dania Rahmoun
October 31, 2014

When I started out to purchase in Spain I thought 'here we go' then I met Antonio and he put my mind at rest. He then introduced me to Isabel who then handled the file/case, I cant tell you how easy it was for us from this end, Isabel was a dream to work with and everything fell into place. As you can see from above we were actually delighted and would have no hesitation in using your company again or even passing on your details to others who would require your services.

Hugh Dowie
October 20, 2014

In 2009 Raymundo Nesbitt handled a property conveyance for me. He was professional, knowledgeable, helpful and available at all times and in all aspects of the conveyance. At one point a question mark over an outstanding action by the community of owners against the property developer arose. Raymundo's advice in respect of the issue blended both legal and practical advice and was valuable in making a risk assessment on the purchase.

Tim Gibson - Director
October 02, 2009 - Quidco