Mortgage Arrangement

This service is intended for:

  • Those who want to buy a property in Spain and can't or don't want to pay in cash
  • Those who already own a property in Spain and want to re-mortgage their property to obtain funds for another investment

The mortgage arrangement service includes

  • Selection of the lending entities, on the basis of their particular loan terms and conditions, and negotiation of the lowest interest rates available to suit the personal needs and circumstances of the applicants
  • Obtaining of Approval in Principle of the mortgage amount based on the income of the applicants subject to valuation, this would be applicable in the event that the property has not been chosen yet
    Arranging of the valuation of the property by an independent surveyor (this has a cost of around 250 ˆ, paid directly to the surveying company)
  • Forwarding of the Binding Offer provided by the bank.
  • Opening of Bank Account

Before you Start

Borrowers should provide the following for each applicant:
  • Last three bank statements.
  • Copy of passports.
  • Equifax credit search (Some banks request this, some don't, let us know if this might represent a problem).
  • Copy of a bank reference letter stating that you are a trustworthy party for business relationship and that you should prove good for repaying an amount equal to the loan amount. These letters are regularly issued by banks or building societies. You can obtain them from the entity you bank with.

In addition Self Employed borrowers will have to provide the following:
  • Copy of last years self-assessed income tax return or profit and loss accounts certified by your chartered accountant.
  • Copy of the previous years company accounts audited by your chartered accountant.
  • Copy of the last three wage slips (when you have assigned yourself a salary).

In addition Salaried borrowers will have to provide the following:
  • Copy of your last annual income tax return (P60 or similar)
  • If possible, letter from an accountant and/or employer stating income (Although not necessary).

This service is offered in association with