Land Registry Search - Search by Property Details

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This service is for those who:

  • Want to know if a property is registered at the Land Registry
  • Want to know who the owner of a property is, and if the property has any encumbrances (outstanding debts attached to the property).

Note: Maybe interested in conducting a Spanish Land Registry Search by Owner?

What the Land registry search service includes

  • Submission of the request to the Land Registry Office
  • Basic translation and forwarding to the client of the documentation obtained.

Before you Start

You will need to provide the following:

  • Land Registry Registration Information (if known) i.e. the “número de finca”, which is a 5-digit number found on the title deed.


  • Other information available such as the current or previous possible owner(s) and address of property (Town, Street Name, Street number)

    The more information you provide prior to performing the search on the property, the easier it will be to locate within the Land Registry.