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Are you selling a property in Spain?

Today, many people who purchase properties in Spain are well aware that there is a need to seek the advice of an independent lawyer. However, too few realise that when selling a property in Spain, the need for a lawyer's independent and unbiased advice is just as great.

What Lawbird can offer

  • A 100% Independent service - Lawbird is not connected to any estate agent or property developer whatsoever. And we are quite proud of it!
  • More than 7 years experience in conveyancing
  • Multi-skilled staff, comprising experienced lawyers, paralegals, administrative and secretarial staff, fluent in English, Spanish & French.
  • A fast and reliable service, accomplished with the help of state of the art technology.
  • No hassle. No hidden fees.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

Why would you need a lawyer when selling a property in Spain?

Look at these reasons why you should be hiring a lawyer:

Don’t let a horror story be YOUR story!

These examples of horror stories have happened and still happen each and every day to individuals who put their trust in an estate agent, developer or private sellers without consulting a lawyer:
  • "I thought my sale was going through and took my property off the market for 6 months before finding out the purchaser couldn’t afford it! I was left without compensation!"
  • "I was only told at the notary that they were going to be holding back paying me €10,000 and then I couldn’t sign on the property that I wanted to buy!"
  • "I was given at the Notary forged bank notes, something which I discovered a week later, and now the buyer refuses to acknowledge he handed them over to me!"
  • "After selling my property, I was advised by a friend on how to fill in the capital gains tax forms. The calculations were not done properly, and I ended paying much more taxes that I was meant to!"
  • "I never knew I could claim back the 3% retention that was withheld at the Notary on a property I sold at a loss, and now I’ve lost it!"
  • "The sale didn’t go through and now the estate agent refuses to hand me over the deposit he is holding in escrow!"

You need independent advice!

Not only is a lawyer obliged to adhere to strict professional standards, but as they will receive payment for their services regardless of wherever (and from whomever) the purchase is made, they can provide impartial, unbiased advice and have nothing to gain from persuading the buyer in one direction or another. Conversely, the sellers of the property will only receive their money if the buyer purchases their property and will therefore be unconcerned about what happens next. An almost identical situation with many real estate agents: they don’t get paid unless a given property is sold and are therefore bound to let their impartiality slip to make sure the sale is closed. Important: Always make sure that your lawyer is independent! Having a non-independent lawyer may be as bad as not having one!

You need to protect your property!

Registered lawyers are covered against negligence by professional indemnity insurance, which means that if something goes wrong during the transaction and as a consequence your interests are injured, the professional indemnity insurance will cover any liability arising from this negligence.

What else can an independent lawyer can do for you?

  • Avoid certain non-resident account bank charges via using a client account.
  • Help negotiate the sale contracts with the goal of achieving the most favourable conditions for the seller.
  • Translation and interpretation services.
  • Work with you to minimise the expenditures on capital gains tax.
  • Represent you at the notaries on the moment of the sale without you needing to be present.

Before you Start

You should provide us with the following:
  • Any documents you have pertaining to the sale
  • Contact details of the vendor/agent/developer if known
  • Your full personal details

* With a minimum of €1,300.