Tenant Eviction for a Spanish Property

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According to statistics, landlords take an average of 7 months to start an eviction process. Don’t wait any longer. Act now!

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Who is it intended for:

This service is provided to landlords that have a non-paying tenant in their Spanish property (either a dwelling or commercial premises).

What does the service include?

  • Analysis of the case and legal advice.
  • Preparing and filing your suit.
  • Dealing with court proceedings.
  • Attending judicial hearings and submitting evidence.
  • Claiming unpaid rents before the Spanish Courts.

What are the steps ?

  • We will first try to reach an amicable agreement.
  • If this fails, we resort to taking legal action. It generally takes a year or less to have the tenant evicted.

Before you Start

You will need to provide the following:

  • Contracts and/or agreements from both parties