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A Spanish will is not absolutely necessary in Spain although it's highly recommended. The truth of the matter is that many people avoid drawing up a will because it requires them to contemplate their own mortality and seriously consider the inevitability of death. However, any asset proprietor in Spain should seek out and draw up a will in order to prevent subsequent expensive legal proceedings and complications for their heirs upon their death. In the event of a large family and multiple assets within the estate, Spanish wills can prevent inheritance battles and long and ugly court cases.

Property, or any new assets that you acquire in Spain should be protected by drawing a new Will that includes them.

More information on why you should draw up a Spanish will can be found on Spanish Inheritance Tax: Advantages of Making a Will in Spain.

Did you know your Spanish Will can be NOT valid?

Although British citizens have free testamentary disposition, there are cases in which they no longer have this right. Only a Spanish lawyer can ensure your will is done properly once your personal circumstances are evaluated.

Make sure your will is arranged by professionals!

What the drawing up of a Spanish will service includes

  • Composing both in English and Spanish the Will document.
  • Assistance with the Notary Public.*
* Note: Notary fees of around €45 per will are not included in our fees

Before you Start

At the Notary Public, you will need to have your passport with you.