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The self-employed work and residence permit is for those who wish to set up a business in Spain. The main requirements for this type of permit is that you can prove you have plenty of financial resources to support yourself (minimum of 60,000 €), you have a clean medical and police certificate and you are capable of carrying out the proposed activity.

Who is entitled

We can apply and assist in obtaining a work and residency permit for any person with sufficient financial means to open a business in Spain. The immigration authorities will take into account the following:

  1. The potential creation of new jobs, capital contribution, new technologies and improvement of production conditions.
  2. Proof of having enough financial means to carry out the project. 1
  3. Proof of having the professional capacity to carry out the project. 2
  4. The existence of a regime of reciprocity in the country of origin.
  5. Medical and criminal record clearance.

  1. Depending on the business or venture and number of investors, we recommend a minimum of 100,000 € for a sole applicant. This rule is not fixed and it may vary between countries and type of investment. In any event this investment remains safely deposited in the name of the applicant. Although you can withdraw the funds as soon as the bank certificate for the sum deposited is issued, we recommend that this amount is held in this bank account during the entire application, in order to maximize the chances of approval.
  2. Some activities do not require a professional capacity or qualification, such as restaurants, hotels, retail shops,etc. We shall be happy to offer advice in greater detail as to favourable business projects for residency application purposes. We can also introduce our clients to reputable independent agencies specialising in the purchase of suitable and appropriate existing businesses.
In this way Lawbird Immigration Services will provide full end-to-end management of your work permit and residency application.


We have selected Lawbird to arrange work and residency permits to our clients wishing to move to Spain.

Imran Salehjee - Managing Director
May 26, 2006 - Saltours International

Thanks to Lawbird we enjoyed a smooth relocation from Argentina to Spain, and we now run a popular typical grill reasturant in Marbella.

Diego Taboada - Proprietor and Chef
April 23, 2006 - Restaurante Don Diego - Marbella, Spain