Vanessa Spacca

Legal Assistant/Paralegal

Vanessa has extensive skills in customer service and administrative tasks, as a result of many years of experience in successfully dealing with thousands of clients.

She gives administrative support to both our Immigration and Consultancy Department, and is in charge of submitting all the relevant documentation at the Land Registry Offices, Company Houses, Police Station, Tax Office etc. Thanks to her ever helping attitude, she's is regarded as a very cooperative staff member.

Also, she is in charge of organising the submission of the large number of NIE Number applications we receive through our NIE Number Direct website. Vanessa is probably one of the most knowledgeable persons on the subject of Spanish NIE Numbers.


  • MA Degree in Tourism (Universidad of Malaga)
  • Legal Secretary Training (Secretariado en Despachos Jurídicos Profesionales)
  • Immigration Expert (Experto Universitario en Extranjería: Análisis Integral y Gestión Pública)


  • Spanish
  • English


Her hobbies include dancing, reading and Interior Design.