Lawyers of Spain Merger with Lawbird

Lawyers of Spain is now called Lawbird Legal Services. The following FAQ describes the ins and outs of this merger.

What is Lawbird?

Lawbird Legal Services SLP is a law firm that was established in 2004 by ex workers of several well know law firms in Marbella, including Lawyers of Spain SLP. In those days Lawyers of Spain was specialised mainly in property conveyancing, and Lawbird soon established itself as one of the references throughout Spain in property litigation, corporate law and immigration law.

The link between Lawyers of Spain and Lawbird came from Antonio Flores, who was company director and shareholder of the former, and shareholder of the latter. Recent changes in both companies' shareholders, and for several other reasons described below, we have decided to merge both companies.

Lawbird has a strong online presence, and currently runs/collaborates with several well know sites, like belegal.com and nienumber.com .

More information on Lawbird.

Has Lawyers of Spain ceased trading?

No. While the Lawyers of Spain name has been dropped and the company is now called Lawbird, the staff, business processes and everything else still remains the same. Our address has also changed (see below).

Why have the two firms merged?

It is normal for law firms to merge to benefit in many different ways. In our case, we can list the following reasons:

In essence, we have merged to be able to serve you better.

Where is my file?

Your Lawyers of Spain file is safely stored in our archives. In order to avoid overlapping of numbering with Lawbird files, we will be changing slightly the numbering structure.

Any funds you may have in our clients escrow account will be safely kept in a Lawyers of Spain account. Eventually, when both accountancies are merged into one, our bank accounts will be renamed into Lawbird Legal Services' name.

Who is the Lawbird Company Director?

At the moment, both Lawyers of Spain SLP and Lawbird Legal Services SLP share the same company director, which is Mr. Antonio Flores.

Will I be able to deal with my previous lawyer

As previously mentioned, you can still contact your lawyer/file manager using the previous email address you have in your records.

Who will deal with my yearly taxes?

Lawyers of Spain Accounting Department has also merged with Lawbird's, and we now have four people available to deal with your fiscal matters.

Will you be keeping the same address?

We have now moved to a larger 300 sqm office not far from our previous one, and much closer to notaries, land registries, banks, etc.� View Map

Do you have new contact information?

Our previous phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses will remain active indefinitely.

Have your fees changed?

Our fees remain the same, which are basically those recommended by the Malaga Bar Association (except when discounts apply).