Monthly Archives: October 2009

A new case against Aifos has been won by Lawbird lawyers, the 23rd of September 2009. The judgedment is a first rulling on a cancellation of constract case initiated on behalf of a British couple. The development involved is again Balcones de Riviera in  Benalmádena (Málaga). The developer had breached the Private Purchase Contract because of late delivery in handing over the property.

The court has sentenced Aifos to refund our clients in full their deposit amounting to 46,458.19€. On top they have been awarded as well interests (5,326.95€), moral damages (3,000€), and a further amount as lost profits (28,598.50€). Additionally the estate agent who sold them the off-plan property has also been sentenced to refund our clients their commission (5,391€) plus the legal interests accrued.