5 thoughts on “Ochando Golf & Promociones Eurohouse Legal Action: Some Lies Exposed (Videoblog)

  1. Nadine Ryman

    I don’t think you expose much of anything here in what is frankly a very poor presentation. To describe them as lies is at best extremely mischievous. It is very clear who you are talking about. Time will tell of course whether your assessment is correct but you seem not to understand some of the points you choose to raise in this video anyway. This is not very professional and quite childish. I doubt this will be posted.

  2. antonio

    Hello Nadine,

    Thanks for your candid assessment.

    As for the content of the video, if you know who am I talking about you will note that this person is not a Spanish qualified lawyer, nor has experience in Spanish law (perhaps does not even speak the language), and yet provides a wholly incorrect comprehensive package of pseudo-legal advice to bona fide off-plan property buyers that are currently in a state that can best be described as in limbo.

    You will agree with me that I have to look at it doubtfully and suspiciously.

    With regards to the presentation I fully agree: Gerry Oginski, New York Medical Malpractice Attorney and professional videoblogger, with whom we are in touch (http://www.oginski-law.com/) once pointed out that lighting makes or breaks a picture, so we need to improve on this. Thanks for the advice anyhow.

  3. peter

    It would seem for a few bent lawyers that it is perfectly reasonable to throw hundreds of trusting property buyers, foreign and national, into these corrupted insolvency proceedings where the only cash available is that provided by those buyers who should have a bank guarantee. Shame on the system and those lawyers intent on milking their clients while they are fed bullshit. Shame on them!!

  4. shirley

    Actually a well though out statement with a lot of factual content however I disagree with the concept of suing under consumer law 2;1 as the judges seem to make decisions with no basis on precedent . Is law subjective in Spain ???

  5. Stephen Dodson

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