Timeshare crook Toni Muldoon pleads guilty

May 14th, 2011
Story by FERGAL MACERLEAN | Mail Online

A British timeshare crook has been sentenced in Spain for fleecing holidaymakers in a £9million fraud. 

Costa del Sol-based Toni Muldoon, 64, was one of ten defendants given suspended sentences of up to two years by a judge in Malaga on condition they repay £438,000 in two years. 

Muldoon’s wife Kim and six other members of the gang missed the hearing and warrants have been issued for their arrest. She is believed to be in Turkey. 

Muldoon was among six defendants who pleaded guilty to fraud. 

Gang leader: Toni Muldoon admitted swindling hundreds of BritonsGang leader: Toni Muldoon admitted swindling hundreds of Britons

The other four admitted charges of illicit association. 

The fraud was run from the resort of Fuengirola from 2001 to 2006. 

Britons seeking to offload overpriced timeshares were told a buyer was interested and offered an good rate by telesales staff from companies including Screenit and Platinum Properties.

4 thoughts on “Timeshare crook Toni Muldoon pleads guilty

  1. teresa allan

    Lets hope this man rots in jail. He has made life miserable for so many people. Nice to see him get what is coming to him.

    My husband and msyelf lost £495 when a non existant buyer was put forward to buy our timeshare week.

    Lets hope he spends a long time in jail.

    Teresa Allan

  2. antonio

    The latest we have heard about him is that he was being extradited to the UK, on petition of the authorities, for fraud. I can assure you that he will miss the Spanish sun for a long time.

  3. The Avenger

    Sorry to hear you lost out Teresa. Sometimes maggots like him just need reminding how nice it is to have knees. You’ll be surprised how quickly that helps them remember that money can be transferred in both directions from their banco account.

    Be warned, his offices are still manned by the same staff and they are actively contacting former victims with fresh scams. Their latest MO involves asking their victims to buy international money orders to cover a finders fee, being told to wait for a courier to arrive with payment for their old timeshare and being asked to prove they have the money orders by getting the victim to tell them the serial numbers on the money orders… thats all they need in order to cash them in Spain… the courier never existed and the money is gone.

    Pretend to go along with everything they say but do not buy the money orders. Stall them. Then, call the police.

  4. Jack Flanders

    He was a simple stupid arrogant little maggot nothing more nothing less. He did not have a high degree of intelligence and was prone to self indulgence and kinky sex. Glad he is now dead.

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