Grupo Mirador Sentenced to Refund Deposit to Buyer

January 18th, 2008

A first ruling against developer Grupo Mirador on the 17th January 2008 has been won by Lawbird acting on behalf a British client.

The client had put a deposit for an off plan property from developer Grupo Mirador through real estate agency Palmera Properties, at development Mirador Linked Villas, Antequera, Málaga. The developer had breached the Private Purchase Contract because they had swapped unilaterally, without giving prior notice to the purchaser, the dwelling that was being sold to him.

The court has sentenced Grupo Mirador to refund our client in full his deposit amounting to 15,985.87€, plus the legal interests accrued.

One thought on “Grupo Mirador Sentenced to Refund Deposit to Buyer

  1. Rita Vost

    We put money into an off plan property in Fuente de Piedra in 2003. In 2005 we were told properties wouldn’t be ready for another 4 years so asked for the return of our money. We got some back from Palmera Properties and some from Grupo Mirador but a cheque for 17,500 euros bounced. We took them to Court and won our case in the sum of 35,500 euros (this included some fees) but are still awaiting our money. We have paperwork and somehow or other Sfera Hotels and Coniproje are mentioned. I have no idea how these names came about and our Solicitor has not been forthcoming in giving a convincing explanation. My husband and I, now in our 70’s, are in desperate need of these finances having worked very hard all our life for it to be squandered by bandits like Grupo Mirador Executives. We have no money for further legal fees but would be willing to pay something once we have the return of our 35,500 plus interest as agreed by the Courts, and which now should amount to over 50,000 euros. Hope you can help.

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