Judge Investigating Punta Perla/Estepona Beach and Country Club Scams Finally Removed

April 29th, 2013

Justice Mr. Jose Emilio Coronado Ruz, in charge of investigating the criminal claim against Ricardo Miranda Miret and Ocean View Properties former directors -all indicted for missapropriation and swindle- has been himself removed from the post following a recusal petition filed by firm Lawbird.

The reason why Justice Coronado Ruz was forced to leave the investigation by the Madrid Appeal Court was the implication of his brother, Ignacio Miranda Miret, in the sale of the land on which Punta Perla was to be built (via sale of shares of the company Paraiso Tropical).

Lawbird exposed the Judge after noticing that at least €100,000 worth of deposits paid by bona fide customers ended up in the pockets of the brother. The payment had seemingly gone unnoticed to the Judge as was, shockingly, the younger brother’s involvement in a high-profile case that could have not gone past him without knowledge of some degree of participation, a claim that The Honourable responded to by stating that for “reasons that he will not disclose, he has not been in touch with his brother since 1998 and hence, could have not known”.

What are the odds of a case lodged with the Madrid Courts of First Instance– 101 in operation- ending up in one whose boss happens to be the brother of a party implicated in receiving money? Well, 1 in 101. But then, what are the odds of that Judge not knowing that his brother could have been implicated in such case, and furthermore, the odds of both brothers not talking to each other for the best part of 15 years? 


3 thoughts on “Judge Investigating Punta Perla/Estepona Beach and Country Club Scams Finally Removed

  1. David Fain

    Good news…
    I am not sure how this helps though.
    There has so much been said, written etc…it was clear to most people there was a scam but proving the point…. and still no money has been recovered by the many innocent purchasers of various developments sold by OVP

    Is there still hope?

  2. DJF

    Whilst progress has been made, it still does not help those who invested a fortune with OVP, in particular those who lost everything and were and are unable to support a financial claim on them.
    I am one of the many and it sickens me to see why it takes so long to bring down such a corrupt activity.

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