One thought on “Macanthony MRI Victims Arrive at Court in Marbella (2012-01-25 – Canal Sur TV)

  1. Michele

    What a fantastic turn out to our forthcoming legal action against the past and present directors of MRI (Darragh Macanthony etc), regarding furniture packages.
    I can only add-
    Watch this space, you aint seen nothing yet!
    This first claim is small fry compared to what will be filed in the near future regarding property purchases.
    Are you a victim of any of the following issues-

    Disappeared deposits-
    Portugal and Bulgaria. I am aware of the issue in Florida and just waiting on confirmation re legal action moving forward.

    Credit notes from MRI-
    Of which you will have had to pay a substantial amount of money to “activate” the credit note, that is valid for five years from the date of activation.

    Bait & Switch-
    You may have been contacted and advised that your developer was going bust, and it may not have been true.
    You would then have been invited to a meeting to “shift” your deposit paid from one development to another, which will have cost you a further several thousand Euros.

    False rental packages.

    CFP (Capital financial Partners, with the promise of a mortgage on your chosen property that you inspected via MRI).

    Lifetime Aftersales (MRI).

    Recommended Law firm via MRI-

    If you wish to join us then you can email me-

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