Owner of leisure complex Laguna Village ordered to pay back deposit to British investor

April 25th, 2013
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2013-04-25-Lawbird-Owner-of-leisure-complex-Laguna-Village-to-Pay-Investor2013-04-25-Lawbird-Owner-of-leisure-complex-Laguna-Village-to-Pay-InvestorThe Malaga Appeal Court has ordered the property developing company Playa Padrón Estepona S.L., managed by German businessman Jürgen Sauer, owner of the Estepona leisure complex Laguna Village and co-founder of the Kempinski hotel, to pay just under 500,000 euros to a British investor.

The investor, represented in court by lawyer Luis Fernando Gonzalez Ordoñez, from Marbella law firm Lawbird Legal Services, had exchanged contracts in 2006 for the acquisition of several units in the complex. However the purchase was never completed because these units were rented out to third parties even though the seller had agreed, contractually, that they were to be sold “free from occupants”.

The investor had paid 185,000 euros to the developer and agreed that, in the event that he was unable to conclude the transaction he would forfeit the deposit but, if the developer was unable to sell under the terms and conditions agreed, it would return twice the deposit, plus interest.

The initial case against the developers ruled in their favour, citing the relevant clause as a clerical error. Following the successful appeal the company managing Laguna Village is obliged to pay 365,000 euros to the investor plus accrued interest since 2006 and legal costs.

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